Mobilise your community

Accept payments and send money to anyone in seconds with peer-to-peer transfers. Budipay is your white-label solution to remote finance technology.

Put the power of mobile in the hands of your customers

Budipay is a simple, safe way to transfer money remotely using bulk payments. Facilitate easy pension distribution, migration remittance, reimbursement and payroll; it’s the easy way to keep your customers’ money moving. Find out how you can benefit from our unique white-label technology.

No local branch? No problem

All over the world, rural neighbourhoods struggle to get access to their bank. Without safe, reliable payments, businesses fail and workforces suffer. Budipay makes sure that companies, communities, and individuals are always connected to their finances wherever they happen to be. Enable your clients to pay anyone from anywhere with mobile transfer technology.

Bulk payments made easy

Payroll for businesses

Migration remittance

Pension distribition

Provide a better service in your community

By 2022, Indian will see over 900 million smart phones available, with online banking hitting over $3 trillion in payments. As remittance and flexible working increase, remote finance is rapidly becoming a must for banking customers.

It’s platforms like Budipay that will enable these transfers, as we work with banks and local authorities to put the power of mobile in the hands of your customers. Remote finance means better cashflow, better business, and a better service for those who need it most.

Keep your customers connected to their finances

Real-time access to payments and transfers by remote.
Request payment from clients or employers remotely via the Budipay app.



Budipay connects directly to the bank, transferring funds quickly and securely via Unified Payments Interface.

Four simple steps to remote payments

Whether it’s pension distribution, payroll management or payment for goods and services, your customers can get it done with a few quick clicks.
Create a group

Organise employees, affiliates or clients into simple groups.


Add more contacts

Add more financial contacts with a quick search function wherever you need to.

Request payment

Easily invoice clients or employers and watch as they authorise in real time.


Distribute funds

Send money to affiliates or providers from a single pot with the touch of a button.

Seamlessly integrate your existing technology

Budipay works with some of the largest banks in India to provide white-label bulk payment technology. Our app is available on desktop or mobile with iOS and Android.

No matter what your existing system looks like, we work with you to ensure total compatibility for simple, safe mobile payments.

The safe way to transfer money

Our unique transfer technology makes sure your customers’ money is always secure.
Features anti-abuse payment safety nets.
Built on latest UPI software technologies.
Technical support available to all customers.
Carefully monitored payment thresholds and velocity.

Proudly endorsed by Barclays Bank UK

“Barclays is pleased to support Budipay in their solution to bulk transfers in rural areas… with their technology and experience, [they] are poised to fulfil the demand at hand.”

Budipay is supported by

Claim your one-to-one mobile tech consultation

Every one of our customers is unique. That’s why we work closely with you every step of the way, from our first chat to full implementation of Budipay.

Discover the Budipay story

Read all about our journey below or download our press kit for more information.

  • Co-founders George and Olly meet for the first time…

    …at the ripe old age of 6 months!

  • Co-founder Olly’s family moves to India for wildlife conservation

    At age 12, Olly experiences the challenges of life in rural India.

  • All the while, George continues to send letters to Olly in India.
  • George and Olly organise a stag party together

    Splitting payments amongst their peer group is difficult and awkward.

  • George conceives of Budipay

    Budipay’s unique peer-to-peer payment system could solve their frustrations.

  • Budipay launches on the app store!

    It quickly reaches over £60,000 in transfers over 507 groups.

  • Olly sees the potential for financial enablement

    The founders pivot their market to target under-served financial communities.

  • Barclays bank welcomes Budipay

    The company is invited into Barclays Eagle Lab incubator and given the support of one of the UK’s biggest banks.

  • Olly meets with some of India’s largest private banks

    They are keen to take up Budipay’s technology because of the mobile-first, rural payments agenda.

  • More and more clients make use of Budipay for simply remittance, payroll and pension handling in rural areas.

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Producer of artists including:
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